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You Said What?

  In a recent court case, the Georgia Supremes held that a defendant’s outgoing text messages are admissible as evidence, […]

Pill Bottles and You

My lovely daughter Alden is quite a young lady. Last week, she volunteered at a local school at an event […]

What Would You Do?

Here is how the case unfolded: Unknown car pulls into Al’s driveway late at night. Al goes out to see […]

Hotel California

Where is the Hotel California? Well, for some, since the Eagle’s album had a picture of the Beverly Hills Hotel, […]

Grumpy Old Men

The Who’s “My Generation” is my #16 rock’n’roll song of all time. The Who made it clear that there was […]

Dive Bar

So New Year’s is upon us. We’ll either go to a late night church service, or to a friend’s house, […]

White Christmas

Irving Berlin’s song “White Christmas” is the biggest selling single of all time and it’s not even close. You can […]

Coats For Kids

So the Christmas season is upon us. We all tend to get into the giving mood during the holidays, especially […]

Irish Roads Are Fun

I’m not sure who drives on the wrong side of the road, us or the Irish. The decision to drive […]

TSA Hates Being Inconvenienced

Your incredibly efficient and all-knowing, all powerful, all protecting government has come up with yet another policy to protect you. […]

DOJ, Lies. Synonymous.

The Knickerbockers, an American band with an uncanny sound like the Beatles, is the inspiration for this week’s column about […]

It’s A Dog’s Life

Lola is back but this time in a court case. This Lola was a four legged creature, beloved by her […]