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Category: Georgia Laws

A look at various Georgia laws, mostly in the criminal realm, but in other areas from time to time.

Beach Walk? Maybe. Is it low tide?

Life’s a beach! I want to walk on the beautiful Georgia beach, but there is a big sign saying that I can’t! Kelly, tell me that isn’t true, tell me […]

Arrest Cagle? I think not.

Erick Erickson is a commentator on things political and hosts an evening news show on WSB radio in Atlanta. He is a lawyer, but his strength is politics. Erick opined […]

Yield Doggoneit!

Do you obey yield signs? Some do, some don’t. Problem is, the ones who don’t are in such a hurry that they probably won’t take 97.5 seconds to read this. […]

What Could Go Wrong If We Ban Guns?

The Gov should ban ________ because _____________ are used to _________________ people, innocent people, who only want to live. So ban all _______________.. Chairman Mao Zedong wanted to rid his […]

Wrong Side Of The Road!

Georgia may have a distracted driving law, but in Ireland, I’m more worried about confused driving. This week I was a tour guide for friends travelling in Ireland. I’ve been […]

Peeping Tom Can Be Tough

Being a Peeping Tom is getting really sophisticated. In days of yore, you could just sneak over to your neighbor’s house at a certain time of the evening and get […]

Buzz Saw

This column is sorta like a buzz saw, it’ll just rip a bunch of stuff up. First, the coveted Kelly Burke endorsements. You may not realize it, but there are […]

Distracted Driving Explained

Unlike general articles that tell you what the new distracted driving law is, I’m going to actually quote the law (OCGA 40-6-21 mostly). I won’t bore you with the details […]

Georgia Legislative Update 2018

The Georgia Legislature just wrapped up for 2018. What did they do? Sometimes it is more about what they didn’t do. I’ll cover both. All of these laws are subject […]

Police Lies – Sewer Plant Smells

Last week I wrote about a case where police officers sat around and conjured up a way to avoid the Fourth Amendment. Today I write about when prosecutors and the […]

Cop Deception Upheld – Sad Day

From last week: According to my good friend and former classmate Charles Bond, an incineration at a funeral home costs, at a minimum, $4500. A traditional funeral costs upwards of […]

It’s Hot In There

If being light hearted about the dying process is not your thing, you may not want to read this column. I have, at times, been accused of being insensitive. I’m […]

Georgia Gun Law Quiz

How well do you know Georgia’s gun carry license law? Let’s find out. Do you need a Georgia Weapons Carry License to carry a weapon at work? Interestingly, the answer […]

Immigrant Crime Stats Revealed

Liars lie. As British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli said: “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.” So when someone fluently and quickly and unabashedly spouts out […]

Patent Pending – Sorry I Offended You

A few interesting tidbits for you this week: The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that offensive names can be trademarked, overturning a law protecting us from being offended. It seems a […]

Silence Is Golden

A recent Georgia Court of Appeals case points out that, in a criminal case, the Defendant’s silence isn’t always golden. Let me set the stage. Lawton was a suspect in […]