Open Container Absurdity

Here’s a law that irritates me: O.C.G.A. § 40-6-253 – “Consumption of alcoholic beverage or possession of open container of … More

Mass Shooting Hysteria

Mass Shooting Hysteria is sweeping the nation. Everyone wants an answer to these tragedies. Hopefully a simple one. That fits … More

You Can’t Go Back

It’s time to talk politics. President Trump, for strategic reasons that we mere mortals do not understand, has decided to … More

Facial Recognition Fail

Google, along with other photo management programs, has a facial recognition feature that helps you store your digitized pictures by … More


Sometimes you just need a time out. A quiet place where you can think, meditate, and reflect. One such place … More

Reading Matters

Last week I mentioned that my favorite community service is reading to youngsters. Longtime Warner Robins Noon Optimist member Charles … More