Rock Intros

I have lists. Lots of lists. Not sure why, It’s just what I do. One of my lists is the … More

Disabled Parking Part II

My followup HHJ column on disabled parking: Well, last week’s column on disability parking spaces got a lot of responses. … More

One Week In Ireland

Kelly’s Trip to Ireland in 2018  May 18 Flew into Shannon (West Coast). Dublin is the primary East Coast airport. … More

Am I In The Obits?

Obits. I don’t normally read them, but I have a few friends who do. Everyday. The joke is that you … More

Old Laws Never Die…

Seven years ago I wrote about Georgia’s ski laws. Yep, Georgia has ski laws. In the 1970s, some creative folks … More

News Laws for 2019

New laws for 2019. The Legislature almost got it right when they passed a law restricting stored license plate data … More

The Fixer He Ain’t

Micheal Cohen has becone infamous as Trump’s “Fixer”, but a true fixer he is not. First, a fixer doesn’t get … More

Irish Travellers

Ireland’s history as a people, island, oppressed British subject and eventually country goes back thousands of years. One of those … More