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Category: Liberty

Pill Bottles and You

My lovely daughter Alden is quite a young lady. Last week, she volunteered at a local school at an event for special needs children. As a parting gift, she received […]

Dive Bar

So New Year’s is upon us. We’ll either go to a late night church service, or to a friend’s house, or stay home, right? Nope, some will go to a […]

Grandma Got Run Over… by a Reindeer?

The Christmas song you love or hate the most is “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer.” Really, it’s in the Top Ten of both “most liked’ and “most disliked’ […]

Coats For Kids

So the Christmas season is upon us. We all tend to get into the giving mood during the holidays, especially when it comes to the less fortunate. I want to […]

Waffle House Keeps On Giving

In the case that keeps on giving, the matter of Waffle House CEO Joe Rogers remains in the news this week. A Fulton Superior Court judge ruled that the indictment’s […]

The Electoral College and You

Especially for the Millennials out there, my HHJ column for the week : The Electoral College And You Some of you weren’t paying attention in history class, so read this […]

Irish Roads Are Fun

I’m not sure who drives on the wrong side of the road, us or the Irish. The decision to drive on the wrong side of the road in Ireland also […]

I Don’t Like Electronic Voting

Time to fess up. I’ve never been a big fan of electronic voting machines. As a country, we do billions, maybe trillions, of dollars of commerce every day, most of […]

Ramblings Updated

Ramblings. Trump. Clinton. Sweet Seasons by Carole King. “Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, And most times you choose between the two.” Houston County’s new public defender, Claudia Meier, is […]

TSA Getting Better All The Time

By now you’ve heard about my recent trip to Ireland, and in this column I want to give a shout out to TSA. I haven’t always been supportive of TSA […]

Crickets For Lunch

Since I’m in Ireland this week, I decided to write a follow up column to my post last week about stupid high school pranks back in the day compared to […]

Lighten Up Folks

Confession Saturday: I recently read an article about the difference in arguably mischievous acts in high school in 1970 versus now. So I’ll fess up, since the statute of limitations […]

Happy Birthday Mom!

Ninety years ago. The year of Our  Lord 1926. Seems like forever. What has changed in ninety years? In 1926, television sets were introduced to the public. Women had only […]

Smartphone Voting?

Is it legal to use your smartphone in a voting booth? In Georgia, no. But should you be able to? This is a statute that I can argue for, or […]

Tater Salad

My friend Frank Callahan recently mentioned “tater salad” in responding to a post on Houston County Carries Concealed. Now if you think tater salad is potato salad, you’d be wrong. […]