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Category: Liberty

Jefferson Comes To Life

Thomas Jefferson The Lawyer/Doctor What would be any different today for President Thomas Jefferson if he came back to practice law? I’ve often thought that a movie about TJ coming […]

America The Beautiful

The Democratic Party did a press release on Independence Day lamenting modern day America. I’ll admit our system of government can be confusing, but for the people that run the […]

Arrest Cagle? I think not.

Erick Erickson is a commentator on things political and hosts an evening news show on WSB radio in Atlanta. He is a lawyer, but his strength is politics. Erick opined […]

Yield Doggoneit!

Do you obey yield signs? Some do, some don’t. Problem is, the ones who don’t are in such a hurry that they probably won’t take 97.5 seconds to read this. […]

What Could Go Wrong If We Ban Guns?

The Gov should ban ________ because _____________ are used to _________________ people, innocent people, who only want to live. So ban all _______________.. Chairman Mao Zedong wanted to rid his […]

Peeping Tom Can Be Tough

Being a Peeping Tom is getting really sophisticated. In days of yore, you could just sneak over to your neighbor’s house at a certain time of the evening and get […]

Buzz Saw

This column is sorta like a buzz saw, it’ll just rip a bunch of stuff up. First, the coveted Kelly Burke endorsements. You may not realize it, but there are […]

Distracted Driving Explained

Unlike general articles that tell you what the new distracted driving law is, I’m going to actually quote the law (OCGA 40-6-21 mostly). I won’t bore you with the details […]

Vlad The Impaler

If you’re eating breakfast, you might want to put this column on the backburner until you’re done. Who is your favorite superhero? Superman? Batman? Black Panther? Captain America? Mine is […]

Two Views On The Miracle That Is Me

What a difference a year makes. This is a tale of a miracle, from two perspectives, mine and my lovely wife’s, Mary Ann. Me: One year ago today I was […]

Individualists v. Collectivists

“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union…” and so began the most incredible experiment in human governance the world has ever seen. […]

Alden Is The Redhead Bomb!

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, I asked my youngest child to write this week’s column, for an obvious reason. She and my oldest daughter, Maryl, have bright red hair. […]

Jimmy Carter Still Preaching

Jimmy Carter. Georgia’s most recent President, is an amazing fellow and a great American. Mary Ann lined it up for us to go see Jimmy teach Sunday School at Maranatha […]


I like chickens. I like eggs. I like chicken sammiches. I like chicken tenders. Alas, not everyone likes chicken(s). In Houston County, we have Big Brother watching over us, lording […]

A Star’s Opinion

I think I’m in the majority on this issue, but for fun, I’ll write about it and see what happens. I simply don’t care what someone else (actor, musician, famous […]