From The Flight Deck, some observations from 10,000 feet:

It seems like Georgia’s Interstate rest stops are always “out of order.” Today it was the one headed westbound on I-16 around Dublin. How hard is it to keep a rest stop open? Florida’s are never closed. With the sensational taxes that tourists pay, never mind the $60 BILLION they spend annually in Georgia, you’d think we could keep rest stops open. Never mind building more of them and updating the ones we have.

Lake Tobesofkee is a wonderful, although under-utilized, lake. It was created by Bibb County and the U.S. Soil Conservation Service in the 1960s to control flooding along Tobesofkee Creek. The first names of the creek were Togosohatchee or Tobosochte according to lore. What the name means is unknown although it appears to contain the Creek word sofkee, a hominy dish that is considered the forerunner of grits. Henry Gannett named the stream “Tobesofka” because an Indian lost a dish of sofkeee while crossing the creek. The first recorded use of the name came from Benjamin Hawkins, the United States agent to the Creek Indians, who spelled it variously as Tobosaufkee, Tobe saufe ke, and Tobesauke. The creek was a prominent attraction during the 1970 Byron Pop Festival as thousands of hippies used it to bathe.

I see that Congress is holding hearings on The District of Columbia becoming a state. Ha ha ha ha. Ain’t going to happen. I won’t say never, because that’s a long time, but they’ll have to revise the textbooks and indoctrinate a bunch of youth to replace all of us fuddy duddy’s who understood that giving the government staffers the power of the purse over themselves was a really bad idea. If they don’t like their limited voting power, move to Virginia or Maryland.

As you know, I am undergoing cancer treatment and one of my restrictions is no alcohol. Now that’s normally not a problem since I’m not a drinker. But I have grown fond of Guinness and wish I could have some. Is Guinness beer? Technically yes, but in Ireland, is it more a meal? There was a campaign back in the 1920’s with such slogans as ‘Guinness is Good For You’, ‘Guinness for Strength’ and ‘Guinness Makes You Strong,” They actually gave it to pregnant women because it contains iron. But a woman would have to drink twelve pints a day to get enough iron, so the government put a stop to that campaign. A pint of Guinness is only 160 calories, just 10 more calories than a Miller Lite. So a meal it isn’t. But it tastes great and since it’s a stout it looks like it will solve your hunger pangs.

Someone recently asked me how long juries have to deliberate. There are no rules. Amy Smith, our solicitor-general in Houston County, was a young assistant district attorney when she had a jury verdict in, I think, seven minutes. Her closing argument was “why are we here?” Jury obviously agreed. I had a jury in a civil case stay out two hours when 10 minutes would do. I found out later that they were afraid to knock off too soon as they might have to go back to work on a Friday afternoon. If you are ever on a jury, take as long as you need but know there is no magic number.

A friend of Chinese descent took Mary Ann and me to a Chinese restaurant in Atlanta on Christmas Day. It’s a place only Chinese go. It was amazing! But I’m such a wuss that I passed up most carts that came around. Chicken beaks? Sheep penis? Tuna eyeballs? Chicken testicles (the size of peas)? 1000 year old duck eggs? I could go on. Fortunately they had these little custard pies that sustained me. It fascinates me what people will eat.

The impetus for “She Said She Said” by the Beatles was the recently departed Peter Fonda. Peter had a near fatal accidental shooting as a young boy and “died” in the hospital, although he did recover. During a LSD trip with John and George, Fonda kept saying “he knew what it was like to be dead.” John was agitated and said “who put all that (stuff) in your head” and “you’re making me feel like I’m dead.” From all of that gibberish came the wonderful song. Credited to Lennon/McCartney, Paul had nothing to do with it due to an argument over the musical arrangement. George helped John out, but no writing credit was given.

Coming in for landing.

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