Age of Consent and other stray news

Trivia: List the Beatles by age. Answer below.

Justice for Jussie Smollett? I am flummoxed at the outright dismissal of his charges. However, I’ve always said that the  prosecutor has the most discretion in the court system, and this proves it. Whether the Feds follow through on charges as I suspect they will, remains to be seen. Right now, there is a black Consenteye being worn by Lady Justice.

Speaking of privilege, the college admission scandal involving rich, beautiful people will not end up like Smollett. The evidence that I’ve seen and heard is devastating for the folks involved. While it impressive how much some parents will spend to get their kid into a preeminent college, at the end of the day, prison seems the likely outcome, as it should be.

Some have asked me to opine about the Mueller report, but like you, I have not seen it despite my formidable status as a columnist for the Houston Home Journal. What I will say is that Trump will, I hope, not let this get swept under the rug. Republicans have a tendency to fall for the ”let’s forget the mistakes of the past” game from Democrats. I don’t see Trump doing that, but time is running nigh. Pushing it up the line? Does he go after AG Lynch? Mc Cabe? Comey? I’d prefer to have seen more action, but he’s got a new Attorney General and FBI Director, so maybe it’s about to get moving.

Speaking of our government, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-NY, has certainly put Congress into a tailspin. I imagine the Dem hierarchy will vanquish her soon enough, they can’t let her socialist policies be the driving force as they churn toward a presidential election. So how do you take AOC out? Campaign laws. She and her campaign manager are being investigated, with good cause, of using PACs and LLCs so interchangeably that they possibly broke the law. The savvy politicians know how to abuse the system, but AOC doesn’t have that experience and it may put her in jeopardy.

On the state front, there will be new voting machines, which print a paper receipt or ballot, coming soon to Georgia. There are still security issues apparently, but the old machines 17 year life has been amazing. I’ve never had an issue with my vote, but I have no idea that my vote counted either.

The Legislature passed a “heartbeat” abortion bill which essentially caps the ability of a woman to get an abortion to the point where a doctor detects a heartbeat. The legal fight will be lengthy to get this into actual law, presuming Gov, Kemp signs it.

Apparently the issue of 16 year old’s getting married was a major issue, so we now have raised the age of marriage to 17 years old. And even 17 year old’s have to attend at least 6 hours of marriage counseling before being blissfully wed. Turn 18 and no mandatory counseling for you! Plus, for the cradle robbers out there, a 17 year old can marry no one more than four years their elder.

Speaking of age, Ringo was born in July, 1940; John, October, 1940; Paul, June, 1942; and George, February, 1943.





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