Don’t Worry, Be Happy. Part 1.

People ask me about my happy disposition. They wonder how I can be so happy. Darn right I’m happy. How can one not be happy to have blur-boy-1149022freedom, liberty and live in the greatest country on earth? I won the genetic lottery and was born to two wonderful parents who loved and let me be a kid.
Growing up I had two older brothers who taught me lots of things, most memorably experiences such that I don’t like coffee or cigarettes to this day. I had two wonderful sisters from whom I learned that women are not to be messed with, especially when they are mad. They both had red hair, reminding me that telling when a redhead is mad or just herself can be perplexing. I skint my knees, broke a few bones, had a few concussions, got sunburnt a lot (hence my current issues), rode my bike and generally had a great childhood.
Being a redhead I was teased a lot, but it taught me to have retorts that came in handy in my current line of work as an attorney. I figured out my political bent at a young age by opposing everyone else. I was nominally gifted in school, to the point that I didn’t worry about grades. I just did my best and that was that. I had a few stock boy and sales jobs as a youngster. High school was a blast. I stayed out of trouble by being super nice while getting away with pranks that would get me expelled today. I had friends across the spectrum and never knew racism, sexism, gayism or any “ism” because we didn’t live that at home.
Anthropophobia (fear of people/society), chionophobia (fear of snow), theologicophobia (fear of religions) and xenophobia (fear of strangers/foreigners) were not practiced in our home. It was a great childhood. How can I not be happy?
I went to a pretty rigorous college, called Georgia Tech. Someone asked me recently which courses I found hard? I said “all of them.” Tech taught me a lot, especially that I’m not that smart. I thought I was, but I wasn’t. I learned from assembly language that my future was not in computers. I could no longer rely on my own intelligence, I had to learn from others. I joined study groups and started hanging out with people smarter than me, and there were lots of them. My grades improved to the point I was on the right Dean’s List.
I worked a full time job to pay for college. It was a really busy time, but I loved it. I wish school wasn’t so expensive for kids today. Next week, law school and beyond.
I truly believe we all have gifts from God, and that we are happiest when we are using those gifts. Life is good.

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