A Star’s Opinion

I think I’m in the majority on this issue, but for fun, I’ll write about it and see what happens.

I simply don’t care what someone else (actor, musician, famous person) thinks about politics. Unless they are so out there (Pee Wee Herman comes to mind), chances are that I’m not going to avoid their movie, concert, game or event just because they believe differently than me when it comes to politics.


An exception immediately comes to mind. “Of course you are entitled to your opinion, Pet. I don’t want to hear it, that’s all.” That quote, or close to it, was from my dad’s favorite cartoon, Andy Capp. Ol’ Andy was a pistol before Archie Bunker was dreamed up. That particular cartoon was kept taped to the refrigerator at the house. The essence for me is this: Mr. Famous Person, you are entitled to your opinion about global warming, the President, the war effort, etc. Just don’t bring it to the concert, game, movie or event. Play the music, sport or acting that you are good at. If you want to espouse your opinion about any of these things, have at it in People magazine or on Ellen Degeneres program. I don’t read People or watch Ellen (unless I’m stuck in a doctor’s office for a long, long time), so I won’t be burdened by your thoughts.

Now I know some people believe otherwise. They won’t attend a Jennifer Lawrence movie because she mouthed off about the President. I haven’t gone to any of her movies of late because I got tired of the Mockingbird series and nothing else she has done has appeared worthy of my time. I actually agreed with her about one thing: When her private cellphone was hacked and her naked pictures were stolen, she pleaded with people not to look at the pictures because her privacy was stolen. She’s right and I didn’t.

Some people won’t attend a Bruce Springsteen concert because he’s too liberal for them. Or they won’t watch Fox News because it’s too conservative for them. Me? I watch or listen to what entertains me. George Harrison (my favorite Beatle) was a believer in mystical Eastern religions, at least that is my take. His song “My Sweet Lord” might have meant something totally different to him than it does to me. Am I supposed to not like the song because of what it meant to George? I hope not.

The home I grew up in was far to the left of where I ended up. Remember Alex (Michael J. Fox) on Family Ties? That was me. I was a Reagan supporter in 1976, the only one in my family. My mom was convinced he was going to start a nuclear war, yet he brought about the end of the Cold War. My brothers remain more “liberal” than me, in the modern use of the word. We can get in some doozy arguments, but it’s all in fun. Mom used to try to stop us from “arguing”, but we weren’t mad at each other, we’re brothers. My sister, Kathy, chastised me for using “libtard” and I’ve stopped using it. I love my family regardless of their political leanings. I can also enjoy the work of performers regardless of their political bent, as long as they don’t make it all that they are about.

If I’m supposed to know every merchant’s, actor’s or group’s political affiliation before doing business (or not) with them, I’m deficient. I don’t have time for that. Now if you tell me on the nightly news that you don’t want my business, I’ll probably honor that. But short of that, I just meander along, listening to the music of my generation.

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