Gun Of The Year – Don’t Tell Moms Wanting Some Action

This is breaking news, but only available to HJJ subscribers. Please do not share this (on the honor system)  because if news of this leaked out, the anti-gunners (Mothers Wanting Some Action Now, for instance) will go nuts.

This is a unique opportunity to buy a super high capacity assault weapon, with unbelievable features. But again, don’t tell the anti-gunners, as it will likely cause these unique weapons to be pulled off the shelves immediately.

The first cool feature of this opportunity is that no Federal firearms background check will be conducted on anyone who buys this weapon. It’s a loophole of extreme proportions, although several cities have recognized this and have recently begun the process of outlawing all such weapons. As you know, most weapons purchases require a GWCL or a FFL background check, but for a limited time, not this one. Please do not tell your liberal friends.

The second cool feature is that this weapon is one of the lowest cost weapons you’ll ever find. It cost so little compared to most assault weapons that I can’t publish the price, but I have provided a link to it below. Please, please don’t let your liberal family members know that you’re considering one of these. You might be struck from their Christmas giving list.

The third cool feature is one that defies every government regulation you’ve heard of. It has a 400 round capacity. That’s right, it can fire up to 400 rounds without interruption. Yet, it is a carbine. Go figure. With incredible reputation for accuracy and reliability, you’ll really come to depend on this weapon in certain situations where only this specialized weapon is feasible.

It is not totally silent, but it is relatively quiet. You can safely use it without neighbors calling cops every time you pull it out. It gets around suppressor rules by a unique construction that keeps sound suppressed.

Another awesome feature, one sure to be rectified once word gets out, is that the ammo is incredibly cheap. You can practice to your heart’s content, knowing that your pocketbook won’t suffer too much. Please don’t tell your liberal co-workers. One, they’ll report this to government authorities, and second, they’ll scoop up a lot of inventory, driving the price up for us.

This weapon has a long life, seldom overheats and is made of quality wood stock, has a smooth bore (no Federal tracing possible) and has up to 195 yard range. It can be accessorized to your heart’s content, to the chagrin of your anti-gun friends.

Finally, while not totally child proof, it has a trigger lock safety and is proven to be an excellent weapon in the hands of children, when properly trained and supervised. This really enrages the liberals, so please, please don’t tell anyone. Keep this to us, HJJ.

Want more info? Follow this link where you can buy this assault weapon in mass quantities in time for Christmas giving. There are several weapon options available as well.

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