Ramblings Updated


Trump. Clinton. Sweet Seasons by Carole King. “Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, And most times you choose between the two.”

Houston County’s new public defender, Claudia Meier, is a class act. When I was DA (eons ago, it seems), she got good deals out of me because she had logical reasons, not emotional sensations. She’ll do fine as Public Defender, but corralling a bunch of lawyers is like herding cats. Good luck.

I’ve never been really close to being held in contempt by a judge, but I’ve never refused to follow a direct order either. There are appeals for when you don’t agree with the judge. Attorney Veronica Brinson up in Macon seems to have forgotten that.

Guclownsn stores need to be like vaults these days. Bad guys steal a car, use it like a battering ram to get in, steal what they can and leave before cops get there. They used to steal clothes like that from stores, so that’s why most mall entrances, Walmarts, Targets, etc. have those big concrete posts in front of them.

Cop body cams and police car dash cams have been more of a help to cops than a hinderance. I’ve had plenty of young people say “I didn’t do (whatever)” but then the video comes out and the song and dance changes. If you’re stopped for a DUI, the video dashcam can be horrific or useful, depending on how you do.

If you drink and drive, which I highly discourage, go ahead and start practicing your heel-to-toe, one leg balance and alphabet backwards things. Chances are, you can’t do them sober, never mind drunk. So when you fail the FST (field sobriety tests), at least you can say you had no chance.

This rage of late where people dress as scary looking clowns and “terrorize” people is going to end badly for someone one day. I wouldn’t recommend coming down my street late at night dressed as a clown. I’ve heard some of my neighbors might take offense.

An Irish thing of note is that they hate the British. Really, really hate the British. Did you know that the Irish were neutral in WWII? The enemy of my enemy is my friend, except when he’s Hitler. The Irish cooperated with America in the war, letting us use Irish soil for various war purposes, but not the British. They hate the British. Still do best as I can tell.

Finally, the young man killed in Macon trying to jump over a moving car indicates that physics was not his strong suit. Young folks, a 4,000 pound car moving at 10-60 mph wins. Every single time. I know Kobe did it and lived, but even that was stooopid. Live long enough to learn physics, and then you’ll know better.

Peace and love.

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