Month: September 2016

Ireland Garda

Having just returned from Ireland, I’ll have some columns on the neat things about Ireland that I found so intriguing. This column will deal with guns and police. Or, in Ireland, the lack thereof. Ireland has pretty restrictive gun laws and essentially only permits sporting weapons, although some handgun permits […]

Crickets For Lunch

Since I’m in Ireland this week, I decided to write a follow up column to my post last week about stupid high school pranks back in the day compared to now. Avondale High School was a preeminent high school at the time, but it’s closed now. We vied for the […]

Lighten Up Folks

Confession Saturday: I recently read an article about the difference in arguably mischievous acts in high school in 1970 versus now. So I’ll fess up, since the statute of limitations has long since expired. I went to Avondale High School (east of Atlanta) and was, inexplicably, in the higher learning […]