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Month: July 2016

Under Skirt? Not Illegal?

Weird ruling based on weird law, or weird judges? You’ll get to decide this one. Superior Court Judge Ed Lukemire, one of Houston County’s finest, ruled that Brandon Lee Gary […]

Lawyers In Public Bodies

How hard is it to be a lawyer? A Harvard law school grad, Tamara Wyche, failed the bar her first two times. She said she suffered from anxiety and cognitive […]

Tater Salad

My friend Frank Callahan recently mentioned “tater salad” in responding to a post on Houston County Carries Concealed. Now if you think tater salad is potato salad, you’d be wrong. […]

July 4th Is Independence Day

I’ve been called a variety of names by some who don’t like my constant reference to the Founding Fathers. Apparently, a “living, breathing” Constitution that fits today’s societal norms is […]