Month: May 2016

TSA Hates Being Inconvenienced

Your incredibly efficient and all-knowing, all powerful, all protecting government has come up with yet another policy to protect you. Effective June 1, TSA will now arrest folks who inadvertently bring a firearm to the airport security area of the airport. Nationwide, TSA confiscated 2,653 guns last year, some from […]

Campus Carry Vetoed, Again

Governor Deal vetoed campus carry, as I told you last. week. In vetoing campus carry for GWCL holders, Gov. Deal relied on an 1824 report of the governing body of the University of Virginia. It seems Thomas Jefferson, my favorite president, and James Madison, a Top 5 President, authorized the […]

Campus Carry Vetoed. Surprised?

I’m contemplating a shakeup of my Top Ten Rock Songs of All Time. Let’s say you go see Paul Simon in concert. You pay some pretty good money for tickets. Drive to ATL. Pay for parking at the Fox. Paul puts on a decent “low energy” show, but doesn’t play […]