Notes from the week:

The Legislature is revisiting the liberty concept of floating on an inner tube drunk. You’ll recall that I did a column on tubing drunk last year. Apparently a wise legislator took heed and has submitted a bill to allow tubers to float free and drunk, within 100 yards, of the shoreline. But not on a flowing body of water. So creeks, rivers and arguably the ocean are still off limits. Liberty comes in small steps apparently.

rambing manMadonna’s “Like A Virgin” has the misheard lyric “touched for the thirty-first time…” Well, that “touched for the very first time…” You see, if it was the thirty-first time, then it couldn’t be… never mind.

The Legislature has pending up for a vote today HB859 that would allow campus carry of firearms with a GWCL. What is interesting is that the proposed law requires that the gun be concealed. I’m a big advocate of carry, and I moderate a Facebook page called Houston County Carries Concealed, but I will point out that this will be the only place in the State where one has to carry concealed. Georgia is a “carry” state, but doesn’t prescribe whether it is open or concealed. Do as you want in Georgia, except on college campuses. We’ll see if it passes.

Trump has changed this political cycle in unimaginable ways, but I don’t see it as a permanent change. He gets away with not being politically correct, because he is Trump. The other candidates just don’t get that privilege. Rubio’s attacks on Trump hurt Rubio, not Trump. Time will tell if this is a permanent change to politics, but I don’t think it is.

A BMW has to be reprogrammed when you install a new battery. Who knew? My days of minor car repairs are about over. My MGB still has spark plugs, a rotor, condenser, manual steering and other old school stuff. No computer onboard, unless I’m in the driver’s seat.

A Twiggs County lawsuit usually involves a rusted car, a boat and shots fired. You don’t see too many complicated lawsuits over there.

If you are buying or selling illicit drugs, maybe you don’t know this, but the cops can trace text messages and phone calls you make. For several years if they want to. To be fair, they have to get a search warrant, but an electronic record of your illicit activities is tough to overcome.

Queen’s “We Will Rock You” actual lyrics are “kicking your can all over the place” not “kicking your cat all over the place.” Freddy Mercury was not an animal abuser but this song and “We Are The Champions” were written specifically for American football. He was an admirer.

The Legislature also has pending a bill that would allow a college student to carry a stun gun on campus. Stun guns are perfectly permissible, no license to carry is needed, on the streets of Georgia. But not on school campuses. This bill would modify that, but only for the students. They added the caveat that the stun gun could only be used for defensive purposes. Duh. To use if offensively is a crime anyway. But here’s a cheery idea! Why not allow them on college campuses for anyone?

Liberty comes in small steps. And “Where have you gone, Joe Dimaggio?” Til next week.

Kelly Burke, master attorney, former district attorney and magistrate judge, is engaged in private practice. He writes about the law, rock’n’roll and politics. These articles are not designed to give legal advice, but are designed to inform the public about how the law affects their daily lives. Contact Kelly at kelly@burkelasseterllc.com to comment on this article or suggest articles that you’d like to see and visit his website at www.kellyrburke.com to view prior columns.


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