Civil/Corporate Planning and Litigation

I do have 13 years as the elected district attorney, so sometimes people wonder if I have the gravitas to handle complex civil and corporate litigation. cropped-corporate-law-reporterWell, before I was the DA, I was a graduate of Georgia Tech with a BSIM. That is a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Management. I have a heavy educational background in business, bankruptcy, asset protection and debt resolution. That, and estate planning, was my primary areas of focus before I became district attorney. Once I left government employ, I returned to my roots as a civil litigator. In the five years since my leaving the DA’s Office, I have had jury trials on very complex business litigation issues, promissory note cases, insolvency matters and even the occasional Georgia Lottery case. I can help you form your business, create solid contracts, work with labor issues, especially with government regulations and other facets of business law so that you can concentrate on business. Let me get you back to doing what you do, I’ll handle the legal ends. Call me at 478-287-6969 (office) or 478-396-7878 (cell) anytime.

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