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It’s About Them. Not Us.

Look, I’m not throwing everyone under the bus. But some need it. So who is going under the bus, Kelly?

I’m tired of elUnder the busected politicians who blame everyone else. “Oh, I’d help you out, Mr. Voter, but you see, this is a mandate from the National/State/County government (pick one). There is nothing I can do.” Now, to be sure, oftentimes that is true. But my irritation lies with those electeds who do NOT ONE THING to oppose the “mandate” of which they now complain.

Example? The gas tax. Whether you were for it or against it, it was a massive tax increase. I was very vocal in opposing it. It’s done now and it’ll never change downward, although I always assume the “going up” option remains. I’m convinced that the Republicans knew what they were doing because the price of gas has gone down more than the tax went up, so most people missed it. Future gas price increases will be blamed on greedy oil producers, refiners, marketers, but not the government. They got away with this one.

But when I was out there fighting it, where were the politicians who now complain about it? Examples Kelly! County commissioners who now complain about the cost of gas/diesel going up, so they have to raise taxes to cover it. They blame the Legislature. But the Association of County Commissioners of Georgia has one of the strongest lobbies around. Where were they when the legislation was being passed?

Are city councils complaining about the budget busting gas tax? Yep. But the Georgia Municipal Association has a powerful lobby. Yet they said nothing at the time.

Local school boards were silent on the issue too. Said nary a word. But now your taxes are increased to pay for diesel fuel in school buses that were previously exempt.

Why didn’t ACCG and GMA fight the gas tax? Here’s the way it works. You don’t want to “fight” against these mandates because, in the end, you have to go to the ones doing the mandating to get more money for your city/county/state. You don’t want to upset the apple cart. You don’t want to tip the boat. Pick your idiom, electeds play both sides of the field. They “oppose” what the Legislature is doing, but they slap the legislators on the back and give ‘em an “attaboy!” when they come home.

Were they complicit in getting it passed? In a sense, they are. We elect local pols because we don’t have time to keep up with all this stuff. The electeds go to conferences, have lobbying organizations, and have paid staff to keep up with this stuff. We should expect them to keep us informed. Did you hear your electeds say a word about the gas tax when speaking up mattered?

Kelly can’t do it all the time, although I tried on the gas tax.

Most people won’t speak up on this issue, it’s too dangerous. I understand. I still hate it though.

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