Maybe, Could Be, Might Be, Are You Sure Your Gun Isn’t Stolen?

Fact: 40% of all firearms sold evade background checks. That is, the purchaser is probably a convicted felon, prohibited by law from possessing a firearm, who in a matter of days will commit a heinous crime with said firearm. Whew! There. I said it. 40% of gun sales are to criminals.stolen gun

President Obama believes it. The Brady Campaign believes it. Crazy Mothers Who Want Some Action believe it. If those three want it, it’s a good thing, right? And who can argue with statistics? Facts is facts Kelly, so you got some explaining to do.

I’ve always admired the reports that say “90% of these crimes are not reported.” How do they know? Are they omniscient? If they are, why didn’t they stop the crime? Spiderman stops crime before it happens, but he has “spidey sense.” Why can’t Crazy Moms stop gun crime if they know how many guns are sold illegally when there is no reliable data? Oops. I let the cat out of the bag. There is no real data to back that up.

You know it’s circumspect with Uncle Joe Biden, our esteemed V.P., admits as much. Biden once said “about 40 percent of the people who buy guns today do so outside the … background check system” but added the caveat that “because of the lack of the ability of federal agencies to be able to even keep records, we can’t say with absolute certainty what I’m about to say is correct.” Uncle Joe, making unsubstantiated statements has never bothered you before, so I’m impressed that you at least qualify this one.

In 1994, two professors, anti-gunners Phillip Cook and Jens Ludwig, did a “where did you buy your gun?” telephone survey of 251 folks. 251 folks. I’m sure there is statistical relevance of that number, but here are the survey numbers by percentage, purchased during 1993-4: Gun Store – 43; Pawnshop – 6; other store – 11, gun show – 4; mail – 3; family member – 17; friend – 12; other – 4.

Let’s pretend 251 people, nationwide, are representative of the entire nation. Uncle Joe says that since 60% bought it at the store, the other 40% didn’t. And thus the 40% that were sold probably went to criminals, by inference. Guns through the mail? You still have to go through background checks. Gun show sales?  Almost all through FFLs, again a background check required. There are some people who might buy or sell a gun because they meet someone at a gun show, but that is a private sale like any other private sale. Family member and friends? Assuming honesty and smarts of Americans, which I do, those folks did not sell their firearm to a family member that they know cannot legally own a gun. So that leaves “Other” at 4% as the unknown. Not 40%.

Could 40% of gun sales be made violative of federal law? I guess. But there is no proof of it. Cook & Ludwig don’t even allege it, but Obama, Nutty Moms and Brady don’t care to explain that. After all, truth is not their pursuit.

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