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Month: October 2015

Have You Been Hurt?

Getting hurt is no fun. It’s the antithesis of fun actually. Bad enough when it is your own fault, but when someone else has caused you pain and suffering, lost […]

My Areas of Practice of the Law

Can a lawyer be a master at all areas of the law? Not a chance. So here are the areas that I do the most work in: Personal Injury, Criminal Law, […]

Civil/Corporate Planning and Litigation

I do have 13 years as the elected district attorney, so sometimes people wonder if I have the gravitas to handle complex civil and corporate litigation. Well, before I was […]

It’s About Them. Not Us.

Look, I’m not throwing everyone under the bus. But some need it. So who is going under the bus, Kelly? I’m tired of elected politicians who blame everyone else. “Oh, […]