It Is Almost Never An Automatic Weapon. Really.

“I make my living off the evening news
Just give me something
Something I can use
People love it when you lose
They love dirty laundry.”

Don Henley’s Dirty Laundry.

Did you know that the psychopath, racially motivated murderer who killed the reporter and videographer during a live broadcast in Virginia was using an automatic weapon? Yep. I know it is so because the mainstream media (MSM) said it. And they are always right. Always. Unless that day of the week ends in “day” and it involves guns, in which case they are usually wrong.

lots of guns funnyLook, there’s nothing wrong with being anti-gun. Peace and love is good. You can wish for a society in which there are no guns. You can wish for no evil as well. Be prepared for profound disappointment. Evil lurks in this world, and sometimes it has to be vanquished in the street. I really don’t mind anti-gunners. Some of my family and many of my friends are anti-gunners. When they lament the most recent tragic shooting, they say it has to stop. When I say what do you propose, they come back with “feel good” solutions that do nothing. Honest anti-gunners are out there, they are frustrated by senseless killings and want to blame the gun. I got it. But be honest about it. And with that, we start with the gun.

An automatic weapon by definition means that when you hold down the trigger, the gun keeps firing until either you remove your bugger hook off the trigger or run out of bullets. With some exceptions, those are illegal in the United States and have not been used in any of the mass shootings of late.

What the MSM meant to say, if accuracy was their goal, is that he had a semi-automatic weapon. A semi-automatic means that when you hold down the trigger, the gun fires, ejects a cartridge and the reloads for the next time you pull the trigger. Can you shoot 10 rounds really fast with a semi-automatic? Sure, but you have to pull the trigger, you guessed it, 10 times.

There is also a revolver. Each time you pull the trigger, a bullet goes out the business end, the cylinder rotates, ready for firing, until you are out of bullets. The average revolver has 5 or 6 chambers, but there have been revolvers with up to 24 chambers. Can you shoot it really fast? Yep.

The cowardly cold blooded killer in Virginia used a semi-automatic handgun. Each time he pulled the trigger, he meant to do it. It was no accident that he killed those two journalists. At the end of the day, a racially motivated evildoer pulled that trigger.

President Obama and the MSM continue to promote that “sensible” gun laws would save us from this carnage. Fine. Propose a sensible gun law, we can debate that proposal, but at least get the terminology right.

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