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The Free Ride Is In Your Paycheck – So It Ain’t Free Afterall

From Ten Years After’s song, I’d Love To Change The World, “Tax the rich, Feed the poor, Till there are no rich no more? I’d love to change the world, But I don’t know what to do, So I’ll leave it up to you.”

Tax System Needs Reform? Taxes Too High? Solve both of those problems with one easy change to existing law. Require honesty in tax deductions and eliminate tax withholding from paychecks!

We’ll use John Smith, a fictitious fellow, gun lover, family man, works on Robins Air Force Base, pulls down $1,000 a week. Effective immediately, as a result of a new law that requires fair disclosure about payroll taxes, we will no longer withhold taxes from John’s paycheck. Here’s how the new system will work:

Friday, John comes into the office to get his check. The Boss hands John his check for a crisp $1,000.00. John is really happy. He’s never taken home $1,000 on a Friday before. And he still won’t.

Boss: “John, before you go, I’ll need you to write a check to Uncle Sam for $375.07.” John: “Yikes! That’s more than a third of my pay. Well, I guess I don’t have a choice. They said this new law was going to open my eyes, it sure has. I’ll be complaining to my Congressman about this.”

Boss: “John, now that you’ve written that check, I need a check for $124.00 for social security.” John: “Wow, that’s more than $6400 a year. Will I get that back?” Boss: “I doubt it, but there’s lots of people sitting at home right now depending on that money John. Employers used to pay half of that amount, but with this new law about being honest, since we had to pay it before, you get to pay it now. That way you know what you are really paying. Don’t make this any harder, just pay up.” John writes the check.

Boss: “John, we’ve got this thing called Medicare. It’s for folks who can’t pay for their own medical bills and drugs. You know, mostly old people. I’ll need a check for $29.00 for that.” John: “Wow! Is that means tested? In other words, does the guy getting this money have more money than me?” Boss: “Nah, he might own a yacht somewhere for all I know. Just write the check.” John writes the check.paycheck

Boss: “John, the State of Georgia wants their cut before you go. That’ll be another $59.60.” John: “Boss, does this ever stop?” Boss: “Well John, I’d be lying if I said yes. Don’t make me lie.” John writes the check.

Boss: “John, the State of Georgia pays unemployment insurance to people out of work. Sometimes that can go on for a long time when people won’t or can’t change to fit the new economy. I need you to write a check for $13.13 this week, and every week, to give to those guys.” John: “Boss, I’ve heard of people being on this for 3 years, is that true?” Boss: “John, Georgia only allows 99 weeks, so it’s not quite 2 years. You really need to work some more, these people are desperate for your help.” John writes the check.

Boss: “John, we have this thing called workers compensation. It provides assistance when you are hurt at work. I’ll need a check for $82.90.” John: “Boss, why can’t I cover that myself? If I’m responsible for my own medical insurance, car insurance, life insurance, and disability insurance, why do I have to buy this policy? It seems awful high!” Boss: “John, the State of Georgia has this workers compensation system for a reason. Lots of people get employed this way. Judges, attorneys, bureaucrats, statisticians, insurers, and on and on. Politicians get lots of politician crack, that’s a fancy name for campaign donations, from these insurers. You thought Obamacare was bad? This nanny state has been going on in Georgia for years. Isn’t it time you just wrote the check?” John writes the check.

John: “Boss, I’m only netting $316.30 out of my $1,000. How is that fair?” Boss: “John, that’s called change you can believe in. Fair doesn’t have a lot to do with it. There are people out there that need your help. They need you to pull the wagon so that they can ride. Some are truly worthy, but many aren’t. If you want to change the system, now is the time. Once everyone sees what they are paying, the thought process is that change will come. Now, get back to work, your country needs you.”

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